“Tuning In” was a feature-length spiritual documentary about channeling written and directed by Los Angeles filmmaker David Thomas and produced by the late Matthiew Klinck. It was then the first time, six of America’s prominent channelers came together on film so viewers could gain insight into the channeling phenomenon. This ancient and mysterious practice appears to enable humans to "tune in" to higher frequencies of consciousness and deliver messages from intelligent sources existing outside space and time.

Courtney on Tuning In Now Documentary!

Nearly a decade ago the film “Tuning In” was produced and has helped tens of thousands awaken, deepen their spiritual journey, and get answers to mystifying questions about the nature of reality and their own lives. 

“Tuning In Now” will take people even deeper and is a much more ambitious effort. Whereas the first film focused solely on information brought through the six gifted channelers, this new offering will "Now" go much further, broadening the concept of channeling and even ourselves.

​Yes, amazing, established channelers like Lee Carroll, Daryll Anka, Geoffrey Hoppe and Paul Selig will take part, and we will introduce two newer channels, Rob Gauthier and Courtney Amundson, who are doing fantastic work. Our goal is to broaden the definition of channeling to include artists, writers, intuitives and indeed your own innate connection to spirit.

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