My Secret Superpower Blog 

Spirituality is being real with yourself. 

In order to keep your energy balanced and continue to grow and expand into your highest version of yourself, you need to be real with yourself. Spirituality isn't having a positive mindset every single day. It's not always the inspirational quotes you see on your Instagram feed. It's acknowledging the ebb and flow of Life; the source energy that undulates through you every moment of every day. Sometimes that energy is joy in your body and sometimes it is pain. How can you work with this energy? Be real. After all, this force is just energy. It can be transformed into something beautiful. But first, let it be what it is, because it is a teacher. It's about learning who you are and what your purpose and passion is and anchoring that into your title of Who You Are. If we can be honest with ourselves, we can heal and balance ourselves quicker and with greater ease and flow. Join me on this real life blog where we'll extract the purpose, depth, and wisdom that Life offers us.